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Q & A

Q: Where can I buy PONY?

A: Yes, you can buy it at Makuake. It will be on sale from 12:00 am on August XX, 2022.

Click here for Makuake>

Q: How much is the price?

A: You can purchase PONY from 80,000 yen, which is about 65% off the regular selling price at Makuake .

Q: Can I run on public roads?

A: Yes, you can run. Security standards are met for driving. Get a license plate and wear a helmet to drive. Don't forget to bring your license .

Q: How to get the license plate?
A: You can easily get it by bringing the included sales certificate, ID card, and seal to your city hall. There is no cost. There is no need to bring a moped to the government office. It takes about 30 minutes to register and it's easy to die.

Q: Do you need to take out compulsory automobile liability insurance?

A: Yes, it is necessary. If you do not subscribe, you will be in violation and you will not be able to receive compensation if you have an accident. The price of compulsory automobile liability insurance varies depending on the region and the number of years. Please refer to the example below.
Reference: About moped liability insurance

Q: How do you perform quality inspection and confirmation?
A: Functional quality / appearance inspection at the manufacturing stage, comprehensive confirmation inspection before delivery, appearance confirmation at the delivery stage

It is done in 3 stages.

Q: About support after purchase
A: We have set a one-year manufacturer's warranty period. We will bear the shipping cost for defective products due to the use shown in the instruction manual, and will replace the product (excluding failures due to intentional or negligence of the customer). We provide maintenance outside the warranty period, provide parts, and accept repairs. Even within the warranty period, you may be charged depending on the content of your negligence.

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