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1.  Safety parts: "Moped" PONY is equipped with safety parts . (LED headlights, taillights, number lights, license plate holders, mirrors, front-back direction indicators, speedometers)
* PONY is a first-class motorized bicycle
, so you must wear a helmet . On top of that, you can drive on public roads.


2. 2. Equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery

  Can run up to 60km with a charge of about 6 hours

  The battery is a lithium-ion battery, and three types of capacities are available.

  • 10Ah mileage about 20-30km

  • 15Ah Mileage about 30-40km

  • 20Ah Mileage about 50-60km


Larger batteries are recommended for people in areas with many slopes. It can run on slopes up to 35 degrees. You can remove the battery and charge it at your home outlet.


3. 3. Double suspension frame

  A shock absorber (suspension) is installed on the front and rear for safer and lighter driving. It is safe to absorb the unevenness of the road surface. Cospa is very expensive! I can say.

Four. Includes carry case for small dogs


5. Center liquid crystal display


6. pedal: One push of the button with your foot. Easy to put in and out.


7. Can be folded and stored in the car


8. Anti-theft security function: Equipped with an anti-theft device that sounds a loud alarm when vibration is detected with the key locked. So I'm relieved.


9. Waterproof: Waterproof, so you can rest assured even on rainy days. (IP56)

10. Dedicated cover included


<Other specifications>:

  • Body color: Metal gray

  • Cage color: metal gray or salmon pink

  • Body size: Approximately 1070 mm wide x 1070 mm high x 330 mm wide

  • Pet cage size: Approximately 450 mm wide x 330 mm high x 210 mm wide

  • Folding size: Approximately 1070 mm wide x 670 mm high x 330 mm wide

  • Body weight: Approximately 28 kg

  • Motor: 400W / 48V

  • Maximum speed: Approximately 37km / h

  • Maximum loading: 140kg

  • Country of origin: China

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